Lets face it. Most of us are naturally lazy. And for good reason. It is important to conserve our energy-why do unnecessary work?

But being lazy doesn’t mean we are unproductive or inefficient. In fact laziness is probably the highest form of efficiency!

At Scrubza, we want to be lazy-but work smart! We won’t avoid hard work-but we can figure out ways to make it easier. Here are some tips to make cleaning just a bit easier, by being a bit smarter.

  1. Leverage extra tiny hands! If you have kids, getting them to clean is a great way for them to appreciate hard work and build grit. But to start them out easy, here are some enticing projects to introduce them to cleaning.
    1. Time lapse video. Everyone one loves a time lapse video and kids are no exception. Setup interesting angles with your phone like on the sink or in the shower. Just make sure you keep your phone dry!
    2. Silly cleaning video. Moving from time lapse, have you kids script out a scene where they scrub the toilet bowl monster to death with toilet bowl slayer brush.
    3. Having kids use super soakers to wash off the shower and tub walls. This works really well with younger kids, although you do have to contain the water to just the bathroom.
    4. Science Experiments with your kids on effectiveness of different cleaners. For the older kids, have the kids swab and grow bacteria cultures before and after surfaces were cleaned. 
    5. Making own home cleaner/detergent. Another fun DIY project with older kids. There are plenty of Youtube and internet recipes on how to make your own cleaning products. My personal favorite for attacking soap scum is half and half mixture of Dawn dish detergent and vinegar.
  2. Motivation. Getting our lazy ass behinds to clean is often the crux of the problem. Here a few ideas to motivate you to clean smarter
    1. Take before and after pictures. Often times we don’t recognize what we’ve done, so make sure you take before and after pictures so you can visibly see what you’ve accomplished.
    2. Create a music playlist. Who says we can’t jam to a few tunes while we clean.
    3. Listen to a podcast. Along the same lines as music, subscribe to a number of great podcasts. 
    4. Get a workout! If we are in the interesting in making this more fun, why not throw a workout into the program? 
    5. Set timers. Time box your activities so you can accomplish certain tasks in certain times. This keeps you on a tight timeline.
  3. Chore Roulette. Make a game for the entire household! Chore roulette consists of creating individual tasks that people then draw from a bucket. Make sure all the tasks are equally sized.
  4. Help clean with power tools! We had to mention that using Scrubza does make cleaning the hard and infrequent items in your household, much easier.

If you have a tip or idea to make cleaning easier and more fun, please send me a comment.