Why You Should Get the Cordless Drill You Have Always Wanted!

Picture of the beautiful DeWalt DCD791 20V Max XR Li-Ion 0.5 Brushless Drill/Driver

Let’s face it–cordless drills are pretty awesome. You’ve been eyeing a new one for a while but you keep saying to yourself . . .

Yeah, but I already own one and my wife doesn’t want me to buy another one!


Cordless drills are nice, but are too expensive. I can’t afford one. . .

Or perhaps you have never owned one. Believe me-they are truly awesome tools. Cordless drills are super light thanks to new lithium batteries, run longer with brushless technology, and are just as powerful as corded models. If you’ve held out from getting that newest model or don’t own a cordless drill yet, here are a few reasons why you should buy one.

  • Time. Time is one of our most precious resource. Make your time count.  Having the right tool for the job will save you time.
  • Less fatigue. Newer drills are lighter due to lighter batteries and better designs.  A lighter drill will reducing overall fatigue-keeping you on the job longer. There are speciality drills like impact drivers or hammer drills which help driving screws or drilling through tough materials like masonry making your job faster.
  • Longer Run Times. New brushless technology and advances in lithium ion batteries have increased the run time and power. Additionally, Li-Po batteries hold their charge better than older nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride batteries. Gone are the days where you don’t have to worry about the memory effect from those older klunkier batteries.
  • Multitasking. A cordless drill is the essential multitasker. It can do many other jobs besides driving screws or drilling holes. Ever seen Alton Brown hook up a cordless drill to a pepper grinder? Awesome. How about mixing your paint? And let’s not underestimate the potential in using your drill to cleaning things.

So how do I convince my wife (or myself) I need that new cordless drill?

Saving time and multitasking! You will see in the following case study, that a cordless drill will save you enough time-to pay for the cordless drill many times over.

Case Study


  • Lets say you make $20 dollars an hour. That roughly translates to around 40K a year.
  • Lets look at the entry level BLACK+DECKER BDCDMT120C 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Matrix Drill/Driver. It currently retails on Amazon for 49.99.
  • We also are going to assume that you will start multitasking with this drill via cleaning.
  • You clean your bathroom every two weeks. You have two bathrooms.

Time spent cleaning your bathroom.

  • Lets only look at the time spent scrubbing in the bathroom. Some bathrooms may need a lot more scrubbing than others.
  • For bathrooms lets approximate a total time of 20 minutes.

Time to do a job with a drill:

  • With a scrubbing attachment like a Scrubza, how long will it take to clean the shower? A tool like this will easily cut down your scrubbing time by 1/2 to a 1/3. Lets say your scrubbing is now 8 minutes total. 

Time savings:

12 minutes of saving doesn’t seem like a lot, but over time it adds up. After an entire year of cleaning that comes out to 26 * 12 =  312 minutes or 5.2 hours of time saved!

Cost savings:

At a rate of $20 dollars an hour, you would have made $104 dollars in savings just by using your new cordless drill over a one year period. You not only paid back the 49.99 Black and Decker, but you earned back $54 dollars! Or you could have treated yourself to the top of the line DeWalt compact drill/driver pictured above after year and 5 months.




Everyone’s situation is different. You may have more to clean or you may make more per hour. You certainly don’t need the best DeWalt drill out there.    The point is that cordless drills are awesome multitaskers and will pay themselves back over time.


Picture of the beautiful DeWalt DCD791 20V Max XR Li-Ion 0.5 Brushless Drill/Driver


Scrubza Plain product shot



So let us know if this make sense. Get an awesome drill and let it do more work than you thought possible.

Be Lazy, Work Smart!

Be Lazy, Work Smart-Scrubby the Hedgehog


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