Let’s face it–cordless drills are pretty awesome. They are super light thanks to new lithium batteries, run longer with brushless technology, and are jus as powerful as corded models. But you’ve never been able to jusitfy buying the newest technology because your old drill is doing just fine. Here’s why you should buy yourself the newest cordless drill and how to get for free!

  • Time Time is our most precious resource. Having the right tool for the job saves time.
  • Less fatigue.Newer impact driving drills screw screws in with less effort. You can stay on the job longer with the right tool.
  • Longer Battery LifeNew Lithium ion batteries hold their charge better compared to the old Nickle Cadmimum counterparts.
  • MultitaskingA cordless drill can do many other jobs besides screwing screws or drilling holes. Ever seen Alton Brown hook up a cordless drill to a pepper grinder? Awesome. How about mixing your paint? And let’s not underestimate the potential to clean something.
  • Scrubza understands that time is something you cannot buy back. But you can make the most of your time with the right tools.