I burned my All-Clad pot with kale.

Kale burned into pot

I was making dinner the other day and got distracted. Does that ever happen to you? I ended up burning kale in a stainless steel pot because I didn’t add enough water. Not good.

Cleaning out a burned out pot is no fun. Burned kale is no exception. I usually set burned pots to the side and clean it after dinner. Too much time scrubbing. But today was different. I had a new weapon I’ve been wanting to try out. Scrubza!

I added a bit of water, dish soap, and lots of Scrubza. In less than a minute, a brand spanking new pot. This was so quick, that I had enough time to recook more kale. My kids were not so happy with that.

Thanks Scrubza. You cleaned my pot and kept me and family regular!

Be Lazy, Work Smart!

A lot of Scrubza to the pot
A little Scrubza to the pot
More Scrubza to the pot
More Scrubza to the pot
Clean Pot. Thanks Scrubza!
Clean Pot. Thanks Scrubza!

Here’s a short video of the entire process:

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