Most people learned how to clean from their parents. Why does this matter? Well, where did your parents learn to clean? Tracing the origins of your knowledge, you’ll realize you just inherited knowledge passed down from your family.  Why does this matter? Did you ever study how to cook?

Cleaning may not be techniallyl challenging, but if you are going to do this x time a weeks, y times a month for z amount of years, wouldnt it be worth it to spend 15 minutes of your life to maximize your time?

Remember learning how to brush your teeth as a kid? Chances are you learned this both in elementary school and at the dentist.

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Your mom or dad is the most likely answer. And we all know Mom and Dad are never wrong. So who is going to teach your kids how to clean? While cleaning is not a high stakes function, it does deserve a bit of analysis to make sure we doing it in the best possible way. Or we could just be passing down another “old wives” tale on how one should clean.

There is plenty of great content already on YouTube on how to clean anything from a toilet to an iPhone.

Or what if you hire cleaners? Are they going to teach your kids?